Take a trip down memory lane and get hit by a car you used to drive. Or just come down and see Nick Sun’s Death is a Work in Progress, it pretty much feels like the same thing only more enjoyable. A stream of consciousness, splattering of gallows humour, stupid impressions, absurdist free form, reverb and other choice miscellany from the free-wheeling wunderkind of the international comedy underground.

With an exciting modern style and a charismatic stage presence all his own, come see why Nick is quickly acquiring the reputation on the UK comedy scene as ‘The Comedian’s Comedian’s Podiatrist.’

Renowned internationally by his peers for his cutting dark comedy, reckless honesty and surrealist sensibilities, catch him at his best with nothing left to lose as he performs one last time in the UK before embarking on a new career path as a professional suicide hotline florist.

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