Freddie Opoku-Addaie, Laïla Diallo and Sarah Dowling mark the completion of their two years on ROH2’s Choreographic Associate Scheme with New Dance Commissions, commissioned by ROH2.

With each choreographer bringing their unique style and bold use of striking imagery, these pieces promise an intriguing insight into aspects of contemporary society and a fresh perspective on dance.

Remote: Diallo, formerly a dancer with Wayne McGregor | Random Dance, is joined by a small ensemble of performers who explore the theme of migration and transience – leaving, arriving, letting go and holding dear – to a newly created score performed live by the composer, Jules Maxwell, and musicians. 

Hold Everything Dear: Dowling, a choreographer in theatre and film as well as one of the original Punchdrunk performers, explores isolation and human communication with a science-fiction edge.

Absent Made Present: Opoku-Addaie, Artistic Director of Jagged Antics and twice Place Prize Finalist, delves into his memories of being surrounded by the daily routine of craft artists. The work explores inherited processes of hand-made crafts and how these processes continue to transform and shape the societies we live in.

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