Negative Space tells the story of 11-year-old Callie, who vanished on her way home from a music lesson in 1997. It is the story of her family who, 10 years on, are still being tormented by grief, guilt and frustration.

Negative Space joins Callie’s family 10 years after she disappeared. The narrative is driven by her 17-year-old sister Samantha, who is by now in the throes of family breakdown and a sinister romantic relationship. Unable to live any longer defined by the ‘negative space’ created by her sister’s absence, Samantha has reached a dangerous moment of crisis.

Through a series of fantasties born of each character’s imaginings, it slowly becomes clear that Callie’s haunting identity is fluid and merely a construct, but it takes an outsider to help Samantha to break free of its weight and shatter the silent prison of her family’s warped normality. It is not, however, only her family who Samantha will have to confront. Her boyfriend Darren has also been harbouring a sinister obsession and withholding a crucial secret about the day Callie disappeared.

Negative Space is supported by the charity Missing People. Its Director of Fundraising and Marketing, Alison Cowan, said: “Missing People are really pleased to support thefyzz Live, and hope that this production both raises awareness and generates funds to keep the search alive for the 210,000 people that go missing every year. The charity supports over 1,000 families who, like the family in this story, have been left behind in limbo following a disappearance.”

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