The hilariously anarchic, award-winning children’s books spring to life on stage in Mr Gum And The Dancing Bear – The Musical!

Everyone loves bears, right? Well, everyone except for Mr Gum, that is. Mr Gum’s a complete horror who hates children, animals… anything fun, really! So when a big bear called Padlock strolls into town, it’s up to nine-year-old Polly and her band of misfit friends to help Padlock escape Mr Gum’s evil clutches.

An all-singing, all-dancing (and occasionally burping) affair, Mr Gum And The Dancing Bear – The Musical is all about Polly, Padlock, and their adventures evading Mr Gum and his gruesome butcher. It’s the perfect entertainment for children and adults alike, with author Andy Stanton penning the book and lyrics, and music by Jim Fortune (Pericles).

The cast of Mr Gum And The Dancing Bear – The Musical! features Richard Cant, Steve Furst, Keziah Joseph, Helena Lymbery, Kate Malyon and Gary Wilmot.

Packed with outlandish characters, joyfully idiotic songs, and the story of a dancing bear, this magical musical production at the National Theatre is far from your average family fare!

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