Screaming Lord Sutch’s take on Britain’s post-war identity crisis is dramatised in James Graham’s latest hilarious hit play, Monster Raving Loony, receiving its London premiere at the Soho Theatre.

A slightly bonkers, fast-paced and raucous comedy, Monster Raving Loony brings its uniquely quirky blend of party fun and punkish anarchy to the Soho Theatre, channelling the life and exploits of Sutch, loser of a record-breaking 40 elections in his political career, to explore the state of the nation.

With direction from Simon Stokes, Samuel James returns to his critically acclaimed role as Sutch, supported by a multitudinous array of British culture’s most eminent comic characters, from music hall to Monty Python, and from panto to Alan Partridge.

Can our British sense of humour begin to uncover who we are, where we have been and where we might be going next?

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