Set amidst the nuclear euphoria of 1950s Las Vegas, with celebratory cocktails greeting every mushroom cloud, Miss Atomic Bomb is a boisterously radiant new musical comedy at St James Theatre.

Co-directed by Olivier Award-winning choreographer Bill Deamer (Top Hat) and Adam Long (The Complete Works Of William Shakespeare), Miss Atomic Bomb transports audiences to the real-life nuclear tests and beauty pageants of the era, as euphoria for the scientific advancement envelops the nation.

Tourists pay to sip cocktails by hotel pools and witness the destructive spectacle of atomic blasts in the desert. But such joyous celebrations are soon shrouded over by a series of seemingly unfortunate events, with Candy’s sheep mysteriously dying, Joey deserting the army, fashionista Myrna designing clothes for pigs, and time running out for four friends in the presence of under-the-radar espionage.

A scintillating and side-splitting new musical comedy.

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