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Miss Atomic Bomb rehearsals

Miss Atomic Bomb rehearsals

Exclusive: Miss Atomic Bomb rehearsal diary 2

Published 1 March 2016

As new musical Miss Atomic Bomb prepares to move from rehearsal room to the St James Theatre, Simon Lipkin updates us on tap dancing, changes and his special relationship with Dean John Wilson:


Hey folks! So last time I checked in with you we were at the start of things here at Miss Atomic Bomb and I was petrified of tap dancing!

How are you getting on now I hear you ask…

Well I’m pleased to announce that I’m leaving the show early to open a one-man version of Tap Dogs in the West End! I don’t think it will sell! The reality of it is, our choreographer Bill Deamer has somehow worked a magic spell and made me and Dean John Wilson look like we know what we’re doing. Thank God!

I can’t quite believe the transformation that’s happened in the last few weeks since I last checked in with you. Not with me personally – I look the same… maybe a little bit fatter… I’ve been comfort eating after the dance classes – I mean with the show. Three weeks ago we had some great numbers and some funny bits. But now we’ve got our full length all-singing all-dancing musical ready and raring to go!

What has weirdly only just properly dawned on me in the last week is how genuinely exciting it is to be part of something that is truly original; not based on anything, not with the songs of [insert beloved music icon]. An original musical with an original story and original songs.

Don’t get me wrong, I quite enjoy jukebox shows and movie adaptations. But when was the last time a completely new British musical comedy got put on properly in the West End? Will we get it 100% right, who knows? But the fact that audiences will be coming to see something that they have no preconceptions about is really refreshing.

The cast are all still brilliant. Watching people grow into their characters and finding new funny things every day is an absolute joy! Dean John Wilson and I are really getting into the vibe of being brothers.

I have a confession to make, though. Let’s not beat around the bush… HE’S ALADDIN! We sing a duet together and even though we’re just sitting on two chairs, two guys, man to man, brother to brother, in my head we are 100% on a magic carpet doing A Whole New World. I’m totally ok with being Jasmin! I think I may have said too much…

So what happens next? Well, the really exciting bit. We’re off to the theatre. People have been in and out of costume fittings, Matt Brind has been off orchestrating and getting the band ready, clever wizard-like technical people have been sorting lights, sound and projections, and this is the bit where they all come together; the bit where it all comes to life properly.

In just over a week’s time we’ll be getting ready to show this thing to all of you. I hope you enjoy it as much as we have enjoyed making it for you, but if you don’t, just picture yourself on a magic carpet with Dean John Wilson. Trust me, it’s fun!

Miss Atomic Bomb plays at the St James Theatre from 7 March. You can book tickets through the theatre’s website.


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