Under Staniewski’s artistic direction, the company presents an electrifying double-bill – Metamorphoses, based on the 2nd century story The Golden Ass by Apuleius and Electra by Euripides. Their distinctive interpretations are drawn from years of extensive training and research around ancient Greek music and iconography. The result is an absorbing and wildly intense evening of chanting, song, dance and gesture exploring the extremes of human emotion.

Gardzienice was formed in 1977 by Wlodzimierz Staniewski. The company, now situated in the remote village of Gardzienice in the south east of Poland, began by making expeditions to remote rural communities across Europe, looking for indigenous songs, myths, rituals and an oral history of civilization. In a unique cultural exchange, they presented songs and dances, in the hope that in return, they would receive ancient melodies, nearly forgotten words and gestures.

In Polish, English and Ancient Greek.

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