Marie Chouinard, one of the world’s most daring and original choreographers, presents a double bill of dance.

The evening’s first piece is titled Soft Virtuosity, Still Humid, On The Edge. This new work explores different tempos, from a frantic pace to extreme slowness, through various forms of perambulation.

Captured and projected live, the dancers’ faces become the place of slow transformations, acting like kaleidoscopes in constant movement.

In 1980, Chouinard discovered the book Mouvements by the Belgian surrealist Henri Michaux (1899-1984), containing 64 pages of India-ink drawings. Chouinard decrypted these images and reinterpreted them into a unique choreographic score titled HENRI MICHAUX: MOUVEMENTS, an ingenious meeting of dance and visual arts.

Please note this show contains nudity.

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