New play Loyalty tells the astounding tale of the Iraq War exploding into the home of one of the Prime Minister’s closest aides.

Loyalty is a gripping drama where rows over weapons of mass destruction break out at a kids’ party, revelations about British intelligence seep out over dinner a 10 Downing Street and the audience aren’t the only people eavesdropping a phone call between the PM and George Bush, all of which raise disturbing questions about how a country can be seduced into war.

Debut playwright Sarah Helm is a writer, journalist and wife of Tony Blair’s former Chief of Staff, Jonathan Powell. Her own unique vantage point and experiences feed into this fictionalised memoir of what it was like to share a husband with the Prime Minister at key moments in the crisis.

Maxine Peake, best known for her TV appearances in series including Silk, Shameless, Red Riding and Little Dorrit, leads the cast of Loyalty.

This production, at the Hampstead theatre, is the world premiere of Loyalty.

For more about Loyalty at the Hampstead theatre read the First Night Feature.

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