Following a successful run in 2012, Lover’s Rock Monologues returns to the Tricycle Theatre, giving voice to the inimitable songs and stories of three of the scene’s luminaries.

Focusing on Janet Kay, Carroll Thompson and Victor Romero Evans, the production illustrates the intimate inside story behind this trailblazing cultural phenomenon, interspersed with the music that defined it.

Lover’s Rock is a hugely influential sub-genre of reggae. Born in London, it defined a generation in the late 70s and 80s, and gave women a voice in the traditionally male-dominated realm of reggae. Lover’s Rock was also an integral part of black British identity during a politically and socially unstable time.

Multi award-winning artist Kay is entered in the Music Guinness Book Of Records as the first British-born black female to have a reggae song at the top of the British pop charts. Victor Romero Evans, who has worked extensively on stage, screen, radio and as a recording artist, is a founding member of the Black Theatre Co-operative. Carroll Thompson who with Kay is acknowledged as one of the queens of Lover’s Rock, has won many awards, including Best Female Performer at the GLR Reggae Awards in 1983.

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