Lactic Acid is a sour chemical that leaks into an oxygen-depleted bloodstream after physical exertion. Only rest and oxygen, can cure the pain. An inevitable cycle of pumped-up optimism and physical despair is made tangible in a show that explores the extreme potential of the human body. Choreographed by Abigail Yeates, this stunning spectacle, features an international group of dancers, acrobats and aerialists from the UK, Vietnam, Russia, Vietnam and Canada. The performance combines circus with contemporary dance pushing both of these to the physical boundaries, which must be reached in order to create Lactic Acid. These performers have not discarded their traditional skills or equipment. They have, however, actively chosen to move away from the idea of ‘circus’ and, instead, to incorporate their combined technique into a show. Stunning aerial choreography, High bar, a perfect example of strength and agility, hoop, rope and juggling are combined with dance, design, colour and light to create an on-stage representation of the chemical factory that is the human body. Simultaneously, electronic music composer Mira Calix has created a dynamic soundscape of the pulsating connections between the limbs.

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