Part of a trilogy of new history plays, James I: The Key Will Keep The Lock explores the complex character of the colourful Stewart king.

Through bold and irreverent storytelling, the play charts the story of the royal who at the age of 13 was captured and crowned King of Scots in an English prison. 18 years later he was delivered home with a ransom on his head and a new English bride.

Having returned to a poor nation, with nobles ready to tear him apart at the first sign of weakness, James is determined to bring the rule of law to a land riven by warring factions, but he faces terrible choices if he is to save himself, his queen and the crown.

James I is part of Rona Munro’s trilogy The James Plays and runs alongside James II and James III. Exhilarating and vividly imagined, they bring to life three generations of Stewart kings who ruled Scotland in the tumultuous 15th century.

While each play stands alone as a unique vision of a country tussling with its past and future, together they create an intricate and compelling narrative on Scottish culture and nationhood.

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