A crafty and coy sci-fi satire, Thomas Eccleshare’s play Instructions For Correct Assembly puts modern parenthood under the microscope.

Playing in the Jerwood Theatre Downstairs. Royal Court Associate Director Hamish Pirie directs this clever and funny show about how to create the perfect son.

“Maybe turn down the ‘opinionated’ dial?” Hari and Max weren’t satisfied with their first attempt at parenthood, so they’re giving it a second go. Only this time they’ve got a 30-day money back guarantee and an easy-to-follow construction manual.

They’re certain, as long as they follow it step-by-step, he’s going to be perfect… after all, the instructions can’t be wrong, right?

“This might be a little more complicated than the bed but still, I’m sure it’s the kind of thing we can crack on our own.”

Jane Horrocks, best known for playing the roles of Bubble and Katy Grin in the BBC sitcom Absolutely Fabulous (1992–2012), and screen star Mark Bonnar (Duncan Hunter in Shetland, Bruno Jenkins in Casualty, and Detective Finney in Psychoville) lead the cast.

Sharp, witty, and deftly executed, Instructions For Correct Assembly runs from Saturday 7 April 2018 – Saturday 19 May 2018. It’s top of your to-do list not to miss it.

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