Associate Director Matthew Dunster refocuses Shakespeare’s Cymbeline on its central character Imogen, leading a viscerally modern new production of a tale of lovers and families in an urban setting.

When Imogen marries Posthumous against the wishes of her father, King Cymbeline, he is consumed by rage, casting out her husband. Mendacious rumours soon spread about Imogen’s fidelity, causing Posthumous himself to be enveloped in jealousy and suspicion.

Before long, Imogen is forced to re-imagine herself and fight not for the life being determined for her, but for the life that she deserves.

Former EastEnders and award-winning actress Maddy Hill will play the eponymous Imogen.

Following an acclaimed run for Cymbeline at the Bankside venue, Emma Rice’s Wonder Season at the Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre renames and reclaims the play by transporting it into a world as strange, erotic and violent as Shakespeare’s ancient Britain.

An achingly beautiful story of reunited lovers following violent and harrowing separation, it is a true tale for our times told movingly in this vivid production.

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