Lose yourself in Hannah, an extraordinary story that will transport you to a supernatural world and bring magic to modern day life.

Hannah gets frustrated with the little things; her mum, on the other hand, is out at work, trying to save the world. But then Hannah’s life is turned upside down and there are some very big decisions to be made…

Based on Marlowe’s Dr Faustus, Hannah questions right and wrong, the lure of power, appearance and reality in a poetic script by Chris Thorpe (There Has Possibly Been An Incident) that uses today’s language in traditional verse form.

Simon Evans has previously worked as a magical consultant for the National Theatre and Michael Grandage. By combining Evans’ knowledge of magic and illusion with Andrzej Goulding’s incredible video projections, Hannah seemingly floats down a mountain into the sea, spins the earth on its axis and plucks a star out of the sky without ever leaving the comfort of her bedroom.

Hannah is suitable for ages 11+

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