Closing 25/02/2006
Running Time 50min

The action takes place in Seville during the Inquisition. In his infinite mercy, Christ returns to the world of man in the human form he wore during his 33 years on earth and enters the burning streets of the city, where, the previous day, the Grand Inquisitor had sent a hundred heretics into the flames. The Cardinal Grand Inquisitor sees Him and his face darkens. He orders the guards to seize Christ and shut Him in a narrow vaulted cell. In the darkness, suddenly, the iron door opens and the Grand Inquisitor quietly enters. For a long moment, he stays in the doorway, studying the Holy face. Then he draws nearer, saying: ’Is it You? You?’

Peter Brook is the director of the Théâtre des Bouffes du Nord in Paris. Having created this one-man show in France, Brook’s revival will be performed in English. His last work seen at bite05 was the sell-out success Ta Main Dans La Mienne. In 1968 Peter Brook wrote the seminal text The Empty Space.

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