The past he can remember as if it were yesterday, though yesterday seems as distant as… And now? Well, the present is the biggest mystery of all.
But he has his garden, and in his garden some things grow while other things wither and die. Past present and future are all jostling against one another for room. While Harry is forgetting, young Joe is busy making memories. He needs to know What’s this? What’s that? Who? When? Why? How?
This is a story that is being forgotten and remembered at the same time. It is being lost and made. As the leaves fall from the branches of Harry’s fading memory, they turn into the green shoots of young Joe’s new stories.

For everyone aged 5–8 years old. Suitable for Years 1– 4.

A new play by award-winning writer Mike Kenny, The Gardener is a gentle tale about new siblings, grandparents and growing and changing. The story is told by one actor accompanied by live accordion music.

Every season has the other seasons tucked away inside it.

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