Two households, in common malignity. The Montagues and Capulets are the neighbours from hell. Swords and poisons are replaced by garden shears and amphetamines. The streets of Verona become a stage covered with fresh turf. Love, illicit sex, drugs, nosy busybodies and gardening become food for Keegan-Dolan’s fertile imagination. Despite their bizarre behaviour, the familiarity of the characters generates an uneasy sense of foreboding before the inevitable violence begins to unfold. This dark vision embraces black humour and weird moments of farce to counterpoint the beauty of a love story based loosely on Romeo and Juliet.

Over the past four years, director and choreographer Michael Keegan-Dolan has emerged as one of Ireland’s most talented, challenging and innovative artists. He has exhibited an exceptional ability to draw together the visual immediacy of dance with the narrative strength of theatre. Fabulous Beast Dance Theatre was formed in 1997 and was last seen in the UK at bite05 with Giselle.

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