The National Theatre presents a season of four new plays by playwrights new to the NT, presented as double bills.

Nightwatchman by Prasanna Puwanarajah
Abirami is English. And Sri Lankan. And a professional cricketer. Tomorrow she makes her debut for England against Sri Lanka, but tonight she faces a relentless bowling machine in a one-on-one session to prepare her for the innings of her life. As the night draws on, she challenges our preconceptions of politics, sport and national pride as harshly as she challenges her own.

Puwanarajah’s new play, coarse, funny and provocative, is a vivid exploration of the search for the meaning of home.

There Is A War by Tom Basden
In another country, in another time, civil war rages. The Blues and the Greys have been fighting each other for as long as they can remember. Soldiers, priests and scavengers roam a landscape scorched by years of battle and decay. Anne, a young medical officer, finds herself abandoned and useless, unable to locate the hospital or even the war she was promised.

A journey into the dark heart of a strange and surreal conflict, Basden’s miniature epic explores the mad savagery of war with biting black comedy.

For more about Double Feature: Nightwatchman / There Is A War at the National Theatre read the First Night Feature.

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