Death Of Long Pig is set deep in the Polynesian islands of the Pacific Ocean, where hungry spirits circle the homes of writer Robert Louis Stevenson and artist Paul Gauguin.

The path to Stevenson’s grave, his ‘Road to Paradise’, is complete; he can pass on anytime he likes. But having spent 30 years in rigorous combat with the grim reaper, is he finally ready to concede defeat? His islander maid, Java, is terrified his spirit will get waylaid on its journey back to Edinburgh and stay to devour her soul. 

Gauguin, too, is ready. He has bought rum, arsenic and morphine for his suicide cocktail and is certain he is not long for this world. It seemed easy enough to avoid being arrested by the gendarme, but he’ll be damned if they give him a Catholic burial in consecrated ground.

Set in the strange and supernatural surroundings of Samoa and Tahiti, Death Of Long Pig explores the duality of experience from the perspectives of two great artists as they usher death into their island homes. As the final hour approaches, they face the eternal question: is it how we prepare for death that really governs the way we live?

Death Of Long Pig is the second full-length play by actor and writer Nigel Planer, following On The Ceiling, which played in the West End in 2004. As an actor he is best known for his television roles in The Young Ones and The Comic Strip Presents, but has enjoyed a fruitful career on the stage, with credits including the musicals Chicago, We Will Rock You, Wicked and Hairspray. 

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