Genre Drama
First Performance 22/08/2024
Closing 28/09/2024
Running Time 1h50, no interval

There are two sides to every story. Grieving the loss of the family shop with their dreams destroyed, Denise and daughter-in-law Carly and left to pick up the pieces of their relatives’ mistakes.

Sharon Duncan-Brewster and Erin Doherty play Denise and Carly in this thought-provoking drama that explores family dynamics, race, colonialism and cancel culture.

Following acclaimed seasons at the National Theatre, Clint Dyer and Roy Williams’ extraordinary series of three state of the nation plays, Death Of England, will be performed together for the very first time for a strictly limited season @sohoplace from Monday 15 July.

These three interconnected plays are, by turns, exhilarating, profoundly moving, funny but furious, and deeply theatrical. Watch one as a standalone experience or discover the connections between two or three of the plays as Michael, Delroy, Denise and Carly navigate the joys and challenges of what it means to be British in 2024.

Performances for Death Of England: Michael start from 15 July, Death Of England: Delroy starts from 23 July and Death Of England: Closing Time from 22 August when all three plays will then be performed in rep until 28 September.

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