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First Performance 25/06/2021
Closing 12/06/2022
Running Time 2h40, inc. interval

Please note that Carrie Hope Fletcher will not be performing on the following dates: 23-25 March and 20-25 April, and 20-22 May.

On Tuesday and Wednesday evening performances, the role of Cinderella will be played by Georgina Onuorah.

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Cinderella is the exciting new musical comedy starring Carrie Hope Fletcher (Heathers The Musical, Les Misérables) which completely reinvents the world’s best-loved fairytale. Running in London only until 12 June 2022.

Andrew Lloyd Webber has described this new iteration of Cinderella, now playing at the Gillian Lynne Theatre, as a ‘misfit’.

Welcome to Belleville! The most aggressively picturesque town in the history of the world, populated exclusively with gorgeous townsfolk who stop at nothing to achieve perfection. Belleville is fairy tale come to life: a place where you can’t move without falling over a wishing well or a quivering milkmaid. Maintaining this façade is a full time job, and one that is taken very seriously indeed.

The only person steadfastly refusing to live in the fairy tale is Cinderella, loud-mouthed, dripping with disdain, and more likely to roast Hansel and Gretel for dinner than play the demure and downtrodden maid, Cinderella is desperate to escape. But underneath it all, the loneliness that comes with being the town pariah is wearing on her.

“It’s about beauty, but it’s about beauty being what you are rather than what you try and make yourself.’”

Featuring a brand new score by the legendary Andrew Lloyd Webber, lyrics by Oscar-nominated David Zippel, with a script from Killing Eve’s Emerald Fennell, this new production of an ancient tale promises to tell the rags-to-riches story the world loves in a totally new way.

Get ready for Cinderella… like you’ve never seen her before.

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