The Unicorn Theatre invites audiences on a feisty, song-filled and touching journey about the life of music hall star Vesta Tilley in Britain’s Best Recruiting Sergeant.

Telling the tale of a woman whose much-loved act as a male impersonator made her world-famous, the show follows Tilley as she takes her first steps on to the iconic music hall stage with her father and hones her own act before going it alone to become Vesta Tilley.

War breaks out and Vesta supports the cause by using her popular act to recruit soldiers to fight for king and country, but has she used her stardom for good? And is winning the most important thing?

Written by Joy Wilkinson and directed by Lee Lyford, the musical production is being staged at the London Bridge venue to commemorate the centenary of World War I.

Specially created for family audiences, Britain’s Best Recruiting Sergeant is suitable for ages eight and older.

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