Genre Musical
First Performance 14/02/2012
Closing 03/03/2012

Autobiographical, raucously political, and accidentally profound, Boy In A Dress follows the life story thus far of La JohnJoseph, a third-gendered, fallen Catholic, ex-fashion model from the wrong side of the tracks as she moves from the council estates of Merseyside to the strip clubs of New York via Penny Arcade’s living room.

Drawing on influences from Alan Bennett to Bette Bourne and embracing themes as apparently diverse as Catholicism and drag, public sexuality and body dysmorphia, La JohnJoseph brings together an outrageous but heartfelt slew of true-life tales studded with reworkings of iconic songs from wide ranging artists such as Leonard Cohen, Justin Vivian Bond and Cole Porter.

A frank and charming collage that unites elements of all three of La JohnJoseph’s solo memoir shows I Happen To Like New York, Underclass Hero and Notorious Beauty in a ‘retrospectacle’, Boy in a Dress explores the intersection of class, gender, religion and identity from a unique cultural perspective.

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