First Performance 05/04/2016
Closing 28/05/2016
Running Time 1h15

Pioneering director-designer dual team Sacha Wares and Miriam Buether are reacquainted with the Almeida Theatre with their new production Boy, casting a sharp eye over the city of London.

Boy tells the tale of the eponymous figure at a bus stop, easily missed, and cast into shadow by the ever-dynamic, never-resting city.

Playwright Leo Butler has chosen this young figure as the one person for us to follow within it.

The product of a partnership with local football team Arsenal, it is one of many stories young people are being encouraged to tell through the medium of theatre, and brings together two of London’s most acclaimed designers: Miriam Buether, who collaborated with Wares on the well-received Game, and Olivier Award-winner Ultz.

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