Genre Musical
First Performance 25/08/2009
Closing 05/09/2009

When a double-decker with a learner driver ploughs into the saloon bar of the Cock & Whippet Inn in the fictional village of Boorskale, Derbyshire, it wipes out the whole darts team, including the husbands of three septuagenarian sisters.

Now the sisters are sharing a bungalow, and their twilight years, with each other.

Mary, the matriarch, struggles to retain control in the house, finding occasional solace in the brandy bottle; Violet battles galloping senile demetia; and housebound Flo, whose recent stroke has left her in need of either a zimmer frame or a wheelchair, seems more intent on enjoying the edible pleasures of life than following doctor’s orders.

Meanwhile interfering neighbour Nellie sparks a chain of events with both hilarious and tragic consequences – especially for the cat.

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