First Performance 21/10/2009
Closing 25/10/2009

Charmingly offbeat and very funny, Boom is a warm exploration of what makes a home and what makes us so attached to it once we have made the perfect one.

Singapore 2008. With the economy booming and the demand for land intense, the young, the old and the dead are forced to jostle for a space to call their own: a property developer’s mother refuses to move from their family home to make way for his new and very profitable apartment block; whilst a psychic civil servant charged with relocating a cemetery has come up against the most stubborn corpse yet.

Boom was first developed as part of the Royal Court Theatre’s International Residency in 2007.

Yellow Earth, which presents Boom, is an award-winning East Asian theatre company. Since 1995 it has been championing and touring the best of East Asian theatre from Britain and the Far East. Under the leadership of Co-Artistic Directors Philippe Cherbonnier and Jonathan Man, Yellow Earth creates touring theatre inspired by the dynamic between East Asian and Western cultures.

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