First Performance 17/10/2006
Closing 04/11/2006

In apartheid-era South Africa, a young black boy is being savagely interrogated by the police, leading to a terrible and brutal end. Thirty-six years later, Jennifer is living in her chic, modern ‘African Zen’-style house in a gated suburb of Johannesburg, caring for her silent, dying husband in his final days. However, the quiet is disturbed by the excavation of her carefully planned rose garden, built on an ancestral burial ground. But as the bones, and the truth, are dug up, Jennifer is forced to confront her own and her country’s dark history. In her isolation, as the crowds gather at her gate, she comes to rely more and more on the supposedly miraculous powers of her maid, Beauty, to keep the fragile security of her world together. But are they what they claim to be? And can anything turn back the clock?

In an age of retribution and bloody revenge, Bones is an anthem for hope and a celebration of the astonishing power of forgiveness.

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