Genre Entertainment
First Performance 30/11/2016
Closing 31/12/2016
Running Time 50mins

Following multiple critically acclaimed runs in London, trampoline dance show Boing! bounces back into the capital for a limited run at the Unicorn Theatre.

Showcasing the events of one magical Christmas Eve, and the delirious excitement of two boys waiting for Father Christmas to arrive, Boing! sees the two brothers too eager to sleep.

After all, there are beds to be jumped on, pillow fights to battle, and seas to be sailed…

Filled with soaring imagination, the magic of the extraordinary night is perfect as an enchanting story for small children between ages 2-6.

Combining comedy, acrobatics and breakdance, Travelling Light promise to have your feet tingling and your head spinning in this incredible whirlwind of a playful show.

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