First Performance 02/08/2011
Closing 27/08/2011
Running Time 1 hr 30mins

He’s a 38-year-old cop; she’s an 18-year-old prostitue. They’re in love. What could possibly go wrong?

Curt is a small-town cop in Midwest America under pressure to close down the local massage parlour. But after an encounter with one of its occupants, sandy, his job suddenly becomes anything but clear-cut. As Curt and Sandy embark upon an unlikely relationship, they realise they might just achieve the American Dream. Yet when events begin to get out of control, they find escaping the past is much more difficult than it seems.

Blue Surge is a moving love story between cops and hookers, a tale of expectations missed and overcome, a play about the narratives we all write for ourselves and how single moments can change our lives.

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