First Performance 05/04/2012
Closing 12/05/2012

Nigel Gearing’s latest play premieres at the Hampstead Downstairs as part of their innovative new writing programme. A programme that puts the writer’s agenda centre stage and gives the audience the chance to respond directly through facebook, twitter or good old fashioned postcards.

Set in 1950s Hollywood Blue Heart Afternoon follows songwriter Ernie Case as his career hits stratospheric heights; with an Oscar on the shelf, a screenplay getting the green light and an aspiring actress in his bed, things are looking pretty rosy indeed.

But as his relationship with the mysterious Diva deepens and Senator McCarthy’s anti-communist witch-hunt gains pace, he begins to realise that some things are more important than hit songs sung by Sinatra.

This new light hearted comedy is about innocence and experience, integrity and fame, loyalty and betrayal.

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