First Performance 31/07/2008
Closing 07/09/2008

A village in Andalusia bustles with preparations for a rural wedding… but at midnight it isn't the handsome groom who races his stallion through the moonlight to claim the bride!

Under the stars a heady brew of jealousy, desire, forbidden love and an ancient family feud simmer as the whole community is caught up in pursuit of the lovers, and knives flash in the darkness. As the certainties of daylight slip away, the watchful moon brings his poetry, magic and the figure of death to taunt the villagers.

Spanish playwright, Federico Garcia Lorca, was inspired by a newspaper account of a local woman who abandoned her husband-to-be on their wedding day to escape with her childhood sweetheart. Taking these few facts as a starting point he explores desire, repression, ritual and the dilemmas of a rural community blighted by knife crime.

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