First Performance 02/08/2024
Closing 25/08/2024

Lost in the forest and caught in the midst of a terrible storm, Belle’s father seeks shelter in an old castle, but what starts as a magical adventure with food and drink appearing before his eyes rapidly becomes something far less cosy. Caught by the mysterious Beast in the act of picking a rose for his youngest daughter he must make a terrible decision, one which could tear his family apart – but Belle may prove to be far more resourceful than anyone thinks, and the Beast could be in for a surprise…

For over 250 years, the tale of Beauty And The Beast has been told and retold, in print, on screen and in the theatre, but now the ‘tale as old as time’ gets a fresh makeover with an astonishing cast of actor-musicians in a magical, musical, laugh-out-loud new adaptation.

Directed by James Haddrell, written by rising talent Sidonie Welton and Brad Tutt, and original music by David Haller.

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