Two opposing dance worlds clash as classical ballet and skilled street dancers go toe-to-toe and must find common ground in Beats On Pointe, a glorious mash up of styles from Masters Of Choreography.

With energetic dancing, freestyle acts, singing and beatboxing, a touch of comedy and plenty of feel-good music, Beats On Pointe is a fun-fuelled fusion of ballet and hip hop.

Complete with a unique intertwining mix of captivating dance, feel good music, freestyle acts and moments of comedy, this is a dynamic modern story of two opposing dance worlds finding their common universal groove.

A spectacular and action-packed rollercoaster of traditional and modern street dance, classical and contemporary ballet, and with performances which include beat boxing, physical comedy, and even some singing, Beats On Pointe is a theatrical extravaganza of varying performance styles and crafts.

Masters Of Choreography are the internationally touring and thrillingly talented company, comprising 16 dancers, whose colourful fun filled shows blend dance, comedy and feel good music. Beats On Pointe returns to the Peacock Theatre in London’s West End following an acclaimed 2018 run and a hugely successful stint in Australia.

World class dancers and choreography come together in a show that is non-stop, high impact entertainment for everyone! 

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