First Performance 01/12/2011
Closing 07/01/2012

Beasts And Beauties sees Melly Still, who has won acclaim for her work at the National Theatre on shows including Nation and Coram Boy, and Tim Supple turn their theatrical attention to Carol Ann Duffy’s fairytale adaptations.

Beasts And Beauties is a collection of European fairytales adapted by Poet Laureate Duffy. In this stage production, Still and Supple recreate a funny and deliciously gruesome world to tell these eight spine-tingling fairytales. Someone usually lives happily ever after – but not everyone – and not always.

Grisly and gruesome, hilarious and hair-raising, and featuring a beast with bad table manners and a goat that poos gold, Beasts And Beauties retells classic stories including Beauty And The Beast and The Emperor’s New Clothes.

Beasts And Beauties was first seen at the Hampstead theatre in Christmas 2010/11.

Beasts And Beauties is suitable for theatregoers aged eight and older.

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