Genre Entertainment
First Performance 04/06/2004
Closing 04/06/2004
Running Time 3 hours.

From funny frankfurters to chucklesome chipolatas the BAC is staging a Sausage Night of top comedy to raise funds for its fundraising campaign – which makes sense. Big names taking part in the event include Harry Hill (and his Pub Band), Stewart Lee, lee Mack, Al Murray, Catherine Tate, Simon Amstell and Richard Thomas. All of these stars will be grabbing the mic and cracking some jokes while taking great big bites of bratwurst.

BAC, the hot bed of creativity which gave birth to Jerry Springer The Opera is currently fundraising to maintain current levels of activity in light of a reduction in funding from Wandsworth Borough Council. Stewart Lee, the comedian and writer who directed and co-wrote Jerry Springer commented that “it’s a pleasure to be on this pan-generational comedy bill, spanning four decades of talent in honour of BAC’s contribution to developing arts on a local, national and global level.”

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