First Performance 01/03/2011
Closing 06/03/2011
Running Time 1h25

Bartabas, a world-renowned horserider, director and stage designer, brings his company to London for the first time, to perform The Centaur And The Animal, a remarkable work which uses four horses live on stage.

The Centaur And The Animal follows the interaction between man and horse during the process of dressage. The audience is invited to watch as the horse is exposed to a deeper level of knowledge while the man reverts to his animal instincts. Eventually man and animal merge into one being as The Centaur.

The show is co-choreographed by Ko Murobushi, one of Japan’s greatest butoh masters. The collaboration brings together beautiful equestrian movement with the strange and beguiling art of butoh.

The Centaur And The Animal is suitable for theatregoers aged 12 and older.

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