Genre Musical
First Performance 11/01/2011
Closing 05/02/2011
Running Time 1h20

Barbershopera return to London with their latest production Barbershopera – Apocalypse No! following an award-winning Edinburgh Fringe 2010 premiere.

Barbershop’s funniest quartet present their third acapella comedy musical and this time they’re going apocalyptic. God summons four dastardly horsemen to unleash total destruction on the world, but unfortunately Beth turns up instead of Death. Cue mistaken identity, four-part harmony and at least one hobby-horse.

Barbershopera – Apocalypse No! stars Rob Castell, Tom Sadler, Lara Stubbs and Pete Sorel-Cameron, and is directed by Sarah Tipple.

For more about Barbershopera – Apocalypse No! at the Trafalgar Studio 2 read the First Night Feature.



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