First Performance 18/03/2015
Closing 11/07/2015
Running Time 1h50

Jenna Augen, Gina Bramhill, Joe Coen and Ilan Goodman play three cousins and an ill fortuned girlfriend in Joshua Harmon’s searing family comedy Bad Jews.

Following the funeral of the family’s beloved grandfather, a Holocaust survivor, the four of them gather in a New York apartment. With a treasured family heirloom with religious significance up for grabs, the question of who is most deserving of it plays out over a tense and explosive evening.

Does bossy Daphna deserve it for her religious fanaticism? Her wealthy cousin Liam, whose plan for it involves his non-Jewish girlfriend Melody? Or perhaps Jonah, his brother who is doing his upmost to not get involved?

Promising an evening of vicious debate, hilarious spats and ferocious family drama, Michael Longhurst’s production transfers to the Arts Theatre following a successful run at the St James Theatre.

Augen won the UK Theatre Award for Best Supporting Performance in 2014 for her performance as the overbearing Daphna in the show.

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