Genre Opera/Dance
First Performance 01/01/1900
Closing 25/01/0008

Robin Hood lives an adventurous life, outlawed from Nottingham he and his Merry Men wage a constant battle against the Sheriff of Nottingham who exploits the poor of the town in the name of the Prince John, the tyrannous ruler of Britain while King Richard is away fighting in the Crusades. The Sheriff’s brother dies and sends his two children (Jack and Jill) to the Castle and leaves them in his care, along with their voluptuous nurse. Soon the Sheriff realises that the way to his brother’s fortune is by doing away the babes, and Robin, in love with the fair Maid Marion (the Sheriff’s ward), sets out to save them. Robin is aided by Greenwillow, a forest sprite, and the Sheriff by his three henchman and Nell, an evil hag who seeks revenge over Robin Hood. After a horrible haunting and an archery contest, it all comes to a head deep in the forest. Will good triumph over evil? Will Robin and Marion live happily ever after? And who is the stranger who arrives in the clearing?

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