Genre Musical
First Performance 01/06/2009
Closing 13/03/2010
Running Time 2h15

Avenue Q is not the most upmarket of New York streets, and is about as far away from Park Avenue as you can get, but it is home to some lively and off the wall characters performed by an unholy comedic alliance of humans and puppets!

The furry, funny musical tells the story of Princeton, a bright-eyed college graduate who has just moved to the neighbourhood of Avenue Q, as he desperately tries to follow his dreams and discover his ever-elusive purpose in life. A tiny bank balance, the distraction of a busty blonde and a variety of weird and wonderful friends and neighbours lead Princeton on a hilarious story of self-discovery. Life may suck on Avenue Q but being jobless, homeless, politically incorrect, having sex (whether hetero, homo or porno… and that’s just the puppets) are just some of the topics featured in this show.

Avenue Q includes a score full of amusing songs, including It Sucks To Be Me, The Internet Is For Porn and If You Were Gay. The puppet musical won the 2004 Tony Awards for Best New Musical, Best Book Of A Musical and Best Original Score.

Avenue Q stars Daniel Boys, from the BBC’s talent search show Any Dream Will Do, as Princeton and Julie Atherton as Kate Monster and Lucy the Slut. The show is directed by Jason Moore.

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