Genre Entertainment
First Performance 11/04/2012
Closing 14/04/2012

Ava Vidal returns to the Soho with her brand new show Ava Vidal Goes Dutch. In this show she questions the ideas of community and responsibility. How much should we share? Would the world be a better place if we all were self sufficient and just took care of ourselves?

Ava has been seen on Mock the Week, The Michael McIntyre Comedy Roadshow and various programmes on Comedy Central. She has been heard on Radio 4 on The News Quiz, Richard Herring’s Objective and Steven K Amos’s Idiot’s Guide to Life.

Ava has also been a commentator on many different radio and television programmes including The Wright Stuff, Daybreak, ITN News and BBC World Have Your Say.

She has also written for The Now Show and the new Sky sitcom Gates.

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