First Performance 22/06/2008
Closing 22/06/2008

'I honestly used to say – send 'em all home. They shouldn't be here. It's an English country. They take all our money. Then this woman turned up to clean my office and turned the world upside down.'

What happens when you meet someone who has fled their country to seek refuge in the UK? What happens when that person becomes your friend and needs your help? Drawn from real life conversations, Asylum Dialogues explores the everyday encounters between asylum seekers and British people, encouraging us to challenge our own preconceptions.

iceandfire creates compelling theatre making real and relevant the impact of human rights issues on our everyday lives. Asylum Dialogues will be performed by members of their national outreach network, Actors for Refugees, whose first production Asylum Monologues has been seen by more than 8,000 people all over the UK.

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