First Performance 26/10/2019
Closing 18/01/2020
Running Time 2h56, inc. interval

Turning the classic Shakespearean tale – and giving it a modern twist – is Kimberley Sykes’ playful and imaginative take on As You Like It by the Royal Shakespeare Company.

A romantic comedy with twists, turns and of course, love, As You Like It follows the journey of Rosalind, as she’s exiled from her home. Banished from everything she knows, she’s joined by her best friend Celia. On her journey, Rosalind catches the attention of Orlando, who becomes love-struck with her, and himself becomes forced out of Court and into the Forest.

All the world really is a stage with this production, which combines physical comedy, music, puppetry and storytelling, to entice the audience right to the heart of the action.

A Royal Shakespeare Company production, As You Like It is part of a season of Shakespearean plays at the Barbican.



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