First Performance 15/03/2011
Closing 19/03/2011

April In Paris centres on Al and Bet, a couple who are not exactly what you would call love’s young dream. Stuck in a romantic rut,  Bet is bored and Al is at his wits end. When the passionless pair win a holiday to Paris, their relationship is truly put under the microscope.

Will the city of love rekindle this dying relationship? Will they succumb to the allure of l’amour in ‘gay Paris’? Or will it be battlestations amongst the boulevards?

Join the intrepid pair as they sample the delights of the continent and decide whether they are the perfect partnership or if the holiday marks the end of their relationship.

Nominated for Comedy of the Year at the 1994 Laurence Olivier Awards, April In Paris is now revived with Coronation Street star Wendi Peters as Bet.

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