Genre Entertainment
First Performance 01/04/2013
Closing 01/04/2013

Rainer Hersch – ‘the world’s first classical music hooligan’ (The Sun) – brings together the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain with full symphony orchestra and stars of the classical world for an afternoon of comedy, music and mayhem.

Programme includes Glinka’s ‘Overture to Ruslan and Ludmila’ (comedy version), Britten/UOBG’s ‘Young Person’s Guide to the Ukulele Orchestra’ (yes, really), Liszt/Tom and Jerry’s ‘The Cat Concerto’ (live and on stage), J Strauss II’s ‘Laughing Song’ (translated), Pachelbel’s ‘Canon’ (trashed) – and more. Much, much more.

Whether you are a music professor or couldn’t tell a string quartet from a string vest, this is the family-friendly show for you.

A guaranteed laugh every four bars – perfect to put you in the mood for April Fools Day.


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