Genre Entertainment
First Performance 13/12/2007
Closing 05/01/2007

Anansi – the mischievous giant spider – finds a new home in the UK and a new family…

Anansi Trades Places is a Christmas gift from Talawa, Britain’s foremost Black British theatre company, to London’s diverse community. Anansi is originally from Ghana, but reached the Caribbean on the slave ships. Now he’s in London, living by his wits and having new adventures and tricking a young boy into trading places with him…

This is one Christmas show that is designed to entertain the whole family, from the liveliest kids to the wisest grandparents. Join in the fun as the famous spider Anansi takes an eleven-year-old boy on the journey of a lifetime. With wicked witches, giant chickens, streetwise cockroaches and stressed out dogs along the way, there will be mayhem when Anansi comes to Britain.

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