First Performance 19/02/2009
Closing 07/03/2009

The naughty spider-man is brought to life in a fun-packed family show by the famous Talawa Theatre Company. Laugh and learn from Anansi’s antics at the Hackney Empire in Anansi And The Magic Mirror!

Anansi, the cheeky little spider-man, is up to his tricks again. But this time he has bitten off more than he can chew. A little bit of harmless fun lands him in a whole world of trouble when he takes a magic mirror from Nana Susu’s magic shop.

Talawa Theatre Company weaves together storytelling, dance, music, song and a lot of laughter to bring to life Anansi and the vivid animal characters that inhabit his world.

Anansi And The Magic Mirror stars Hackney Empire regulars Kat as Anansi and Tameka Empson as Nana Susu. 

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