Genre Opera/Dance
First Performance 05/09/2005
Closing 10/09/2005

Taking popular music, gospel and jazz and mixing the classical vocabulary of ballet with contemporary styles, the company radiate an energy that is purely infectious.

International ambassadors of African-American culture, the company has performed for an estimated 19 million people in 68 countries on six different continents. From its first performance in 1958, it has changed the way people view dance and the African-American aesthetic.

Alvin Ailey’s most famous work, Revelations, is a glorious celebration of the rousing gospel and spiritual music Ailey grew up with in 1940s Texas. Created in 1960, this classic piece of modern dance theatre, still exhilarates and inspires audiences whenever it is performed. 
Other highlights include Love Stories, Judith Jamison’s collaboration with Robert Battle and hip-hop pioneer Rennie Harris, set to a Stevie Wonder soundtrack, and David Parson’s Caught, a breathtaking piece in which the dancer appears to fly through the air, executing a continual series of leaps synchronized to the flashes of a strobe light.

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